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Welcome to Go Home Direct

We are the Uk’s leading online multi-channel electric heating retail group. With over 600+ products across 4 industry leading online stores. We sell a diverse range of, electric heating products to Britain’s homeowners, developers, tradespeople, landlords and commercial businesses. Our websites attract over 2 million annual visitors looking for affordability, diverse choice and an unparalleled customer experience.

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Discover Our Brands

This award-winning ecommerce platform has a large portfolio of advanced electric heating solutions available to both domestic and commercial customers, as well as providing expert help and advice to those wanting to make the switch to electric.

Providing an extensive range of energy-efficient heating solutions for both domestic and commercial purposes, Infrared Heaters Direct is an online ecommerce outlet dedicated to selling premium infrared heating solutions. 

From outdoor heaters to boiling water taps, Heating Point is a leading online outlet that offers a broad and versatile range of heating solutions to both domestic and commercial customers.

Specialising in cutting-edge storage heaters from a range of trusted suppliers, Storage Heaters Direct is ‘the destination’ for those seeking a storage heater that best suits their needs.


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